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Introducing DataStealth
A Patented New Breakthrough in Cybersecurity Software

DataStealth is a totally new type of cybersecurity software that allows major organizations to truly protect their sensitive data and prevent data breaches. DataStealth starts with the recognition that the vast sums organizations currently spend on the latest data security technologies are fundamentally failing to prevent hackers from breaking into even the most sophisticated IT environments and stealing an organization’s most sensitive data. These breaches are causing serious financial, reputational, and legal harm to virtually all organizations.

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“DataStealth’s unique product design is very smart and adaptable. We have been able to use DataStealth for numerous cybersecurity use cases within our large enterprise across newer and older technology platforms alike, with great ease and speed of integration. The Datex team is extremely customer focused and possesses tremendous technical cybersecurity expertise, which has supported our successful DataStealth rollouts.”

VP and Chief Information Officer
DataStealth Client Since 2020

Why do mainstream cybersecurity offerings fail to prevent data breaches?

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The basic approach taken by virtually all currently available cybersecurity software is to use various perimeter-protection barriers in the hopes of preventing hackers from breaking in. Unfortunately, hackers have become very sophisticated and have learned how to overcome these technology barriers. Once they break in, they then steal all the sensitive information that is there.

DataStealth Is Totally Different

DataStealth uses a patented new approach to uniquely ensure that no sensitive data is ever physically stored within your organization’s IT infrastructure. This means that when hackers succeed in overcoming your technical barriers and gain access into your IT systems, they will simply not be able to find any sensitive data to steal, such as:

  • Credit Cards
  • Health Records
  • Personal Information
  • Confidential Documents
  • Virtually Any Other Type Of Sensitive Information

With DataStealth, Hackers Cannot Steal What Is Not There

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DataStealth is an extremely powerful and comprehensive cybersecurity technology, currently deployed in many of the largest organizations with substantial and sophisticated IT departments in numerous industries including:
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Government
  • Real Estate
  • Technology
  • Telecom
  • Travel
  • And Many More

Only DataStealth allows your organization to:

  • Rapidly and inexpensively pilot DataStealth to prove to your organization that it successfully works for you.
  • Achieve superior cybersecurity protection that complements and supersedes whatever data security technologies currently being used.
  • Easily and quickly deploy DataStealth in any existing legacy or web application – because there is no need to make any changes to existing IT code or business processes.
  • Fundamentally address virtually all data security threats and use cases.
  • Handle extremely high volumes of transactions.
  • Prevent the serious costs and consequences of data breaches.
  • Ensure comprehensive legal, privacy and regulatory compliance.
 In different industries, organizations, and IT environments, the patented DataStealth technology has proven to be the best, the most powerful, and the most flexible cybersecurity offering available on the market – capable of being deployed quickly, innovatively, and inexpensively to solve numerous cybersecurity use cases.

“Major organizations worldwide are struggling with the ceaseless and accelerating daily battle to prevent serious data breaches whether caused by external cybercriminals, internal rogue employees, weak access and security controls, human error, or other data security attacks.
Cybercriminals are continuously succeeding in gaining unauthorized access to computer systems and stealing an organization’s sensitive data. Seemingly every day, the public is made aware of yet another major breach. Organizations that have been unable to prevent such major data breaches have suffered significant: legal damages, reputational harm, financial loss, regulatory sanctions, job losses, executive terminations, and in a few recent instances, criminal charges.
The DataStealth technology is a totally new way to successfully prevent a wide range of cybersecurity threats.”

Corporate Risk Security Advisor and Legal Counsel
Discovered DataStealth in 2019